Pesto sauce

This great pasta sauce takes just minutes to prepare. The pesto sauce can be frozen, omitting the parmesan. It will be added just before use.

Pesto or, in extenso, pesto alla genovese, is a sauce originating in Genoa, the capital city of Liguria, Italy. It traditionally consists of crushed garlic, European pine nuts, coarse salt, basil, Parmigiano-Reggiano (Parmesan cheese) and pecorino sardo (cheese made from sheep’s milk), all blended with olive oil.


1 cup fresh basil leaves, washed and Continue reading Pesto sauce

Pleurotus mushrooms with bechamel sauce


3-4 garlic gloves
1 medium sized tomato sliced
1/2 kg pleurotus mushrooms sliced or chopped
4 tablespoons olive oil
bechamel sauce (double or triple the ingredients 😉 )
a few basil leaves chopped


Fry the garlic on medium heat until golden. Add the mushrooms, stir Continue reading Pleurotus mushrooms with bechamel sauce

Couscous salad with fresh vegetables

Level: super easy
Makes: 2
Time: 15 min (water boiling included)


1 cup couscous
1 bell pepper
2 tbsp sweet corn – can will do just fine
1 small onion – use some red onion for the colour
1 small carrot
2 garlic cloves
3 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp salt
1 cup water

julienne bell sweet pepper corn ingredients
julienne bell sweet pepper corn ingredients
garlic onion carrot ingredients
garlic onion carrot ingredients


In a deep dish put the couscous and cover it with a cup of boiled, hot, salted water. Give it a quick stir and cover with a lid or plate. Leave it for 5 minutes.
Meanwhile peel and mince the garlic. Julienne the onion, carrot and pepper (“traffic light peppers” are the best for extra colour – use about 1/3 from each colour).
Lift the lid and put in the olive oil. Use a fork to fluff the couscous. Add the garlic and the onion and give it a good stir while it’s still hot – it will enhance the flavour.
Throw in the carrot, the pepper and the corn and give it another stir.

Serve immediately while the vegetables are crunchy.