Homemade Lokum – Turkish Delight

Lokum is a dessert made of starch gel and sugar. It comes from the turkish word lokma and lokum, meaning morsel or mouthful or the alternative word rahat hulkum meaning comfort of the throat. It could come in many flavors, lemon, cinnamon, mint, orange, strawberry, rosewater and other.

Some types of lokum may contain some nuts, pistachios or Continue reading Homemade Lokum – Turkish Delight

Holiday Pogacha

Pogacha is Balcan traditional bread baked in the ashes of the fireplace. Only experienced cook could make best quality pogacha. It comes from the latin word panis focacius which translated means baked on the heart or fireplace.

There are several ways of preparing this bread and it could be filled with Continue reading Holiday Pogacha

Home Made Ajvar

Ajvar is type of relish made of red peppers and garlic. It comes from Serbian cuisine but most of the people on the Balcan prepare it and it is Balcan traditional food. It could have several different tastes depending on the ingredients we put in it. Mostly it could be sweet, piquant, or very hot.

It is served as a salad or side dish but also it is consumed as a bread spread. Ajvar could be bough from store but because of the loss off the taste and bad cooking it is of low quality. Home made ajvar is better in taste and healthiness.

Ajvar on the Balcan is mostly made before the winter as Continue reading Home Made Ajvar


Sarma is a national meal from Bulgaria. There are different ways of preparing this meal depending on the ways or customs of the country.

Sarma is a meal based on grinded meat and rice wrapped up in cabbage or vine leaf. In Bulgaria they prepare sarma with raw cabbage while in Croatia they make sarma with sour cabbage. In Greece sarma is usually made with Continue reading Sarma