Spinach in Red

Healthy food is top priority in today’s society, because of the raise of the fast food usage there are higher health problems than before. There should be more home cooked healthy food in everyone diet. And when we say healthy food, there is nothing more healthy than vegetables and fruit.

Spinach is healthy vegetable. It’s full of vitamins and minerals such as Continue reading Spinach in Red

Roll from Olive and Carrot

Because today we have a bigger demand of more low fat and healthier food. There are more than one recipe which could help satisfy this demand. Some of those recipes are easy to prepare with some natural ingredients which you could buy in your closes market.

As always the most healthiest food is made of fresh fruits and vegetables. This meal is healthy full with vitamins and all other minerals that are recommended for daily intake.

To prepare this interesting healthy meal we need several ingredients Continue reading Roll from Olive and Carrot

Veselo Makedonce – Happy Macedonian

Macedonia is a small country but it’s culture and cuisine have roots that go deep in the history. Some of the recipes were passed from a person to a person. And that’s how some of the ancient cuisine and great tasting macedonian food is preserved and we could prepare it today.

All the ingredients that are needed to prepare this great tasting dish are easy to find. And the preparing process and the serving is very simple. The name of the dish may sound a bit strange, and someone may think that we will need a macedonian as one of the ingredients Continue reading Veselo Makedonce – Happy Macedonian

Banicka with Spinach

There are several tasty and healthy food from Macedonia and one which is favorite choice of many is the banicka. May the look of it does not deceive you, to some it looks like a galaxy.

But since the look of the food doesn’t matter, we should value it by it’s taste, and it tastes good. This food is cheap to buy from any place that is making them in Macedonia, costs about a few bucks depending on the size.

Banicka is a bread type food, made of several layers of dough filled with different kinds of fillings. The most popular are  Continue reading Banicka with Spinach

Alva / Halva with almonds

Alva is a dessert that is prepared in the eastern countries. It’s mostly prepared in arabic countries and in the Balkans. There are several types of alva and one of those is alva with almonds.

It comes from the arabic word halva that means sweet . Alva is a dessert from corn flour, honey and sugar. You can make it in all kinds of shapes and different tastes but the most common is Continue reading Alva / Halva with almonds