10 Fitness Foods For Great Health

These 10 fitness foods won’t let you gain unwanted fat and cholesterol, and would stop intake of empty calories in the body. To curb weight, lose that extra belly fat, and gain lean muscle mass try including these super foods into your daily diet before or after a workout.

Banana it’s a fitness food that Athletes love. Laden with lots of minerals and vitamins, Banana has a lot of iron and fiber. One medium to big sized banana stays in the stomach for long, and releases carbohydrate slowly to provide energy.

Blueberries are consumed for radical free antioxidants. These play a special role in cell renewal, which not just keeps you looking younger but also heals the tissues which are impaired during wear and tear of workouts.

Greek Yogurt – This is one of the best solutions for those who feel bloated or gassy with other dairy products. Greek Yogurt is fat free, and filled with all the nutrients of milk. Use it as a salad dressing instead of mayonnaise to enjoy a low calorie high nutrition salad.

Chicken is one of the leanest forms of meat. There is no fat as such, and feasting on a grilled chicken breast would give you just healthy protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Salmon – For your daily dose of Omega 3 fatty acids, which inhibits memory loss, and is a friend of the healthy heart, get some salmon everyday. In case salmons are not available low calorie and less fatty fishes and fish eggs would serve good too.

Broccoli – If you are looking for high nutrition low calorie food which eases digestion and has all mineral and vitamins for your daily intake with lots of fiber, then broccoli is the right pick. Make this green veggie a part of your daily diet.

Oats – Do you know that you can reduce the harmful cholesterol in body by simply having a bowl of oatmeal everyday? Oats makes delicious cakes, pancakes, porridges and many other recipes for daily breakfast or snacking with low calorie content and high fiber.

Eggs are great sources of vitamins, protein and healthy fat, and one egg a day always makes for a healthy diet. The egg white and the yolk are both important and eating a half or full boiled egg makes for your daily protein intake.

Apples – get a little quercetin everyday from your daily apple diet. Apples can be eaten raw, or with a pinch of cinnamon and oats. Whatever way you eat it, it’s the healthiest snack to give you a burst of energy with lots of vitamins for healthy eyes.

Tomato – There is an element called Lycopene in tomatoes, which is said to give this vegetable the red color, and this is a huge source of antioxidants which renews cells and heals body tissues. It also has very little calories and great water content.

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