pogacha bread

Holiday Pogacha

Pogacha is Balcan traditional bread baked in the ashes of the fireplace. Only experienced cook could make best quality pogacha. It comes from the latin word panis focacius which translated means baked on the heart or fireplace.

There are several ways of preparing this bread and it could be filled with cheese, potatoes, some grains and herbs like sesame, black sesame etc. Also some ingredients could be sprinkled on top like paprika, garlic, red onion, caraway seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds and etc. It’s made on the Balcan. Different places, different tastes and colors, different recipe and way of preparing.

This kind of bread is also made for some special occasions and holidays. And the following recipe is for making one holiday pogacha.

We will need the following ingredients:

– 550 grams flour
– 2 eggs
– 1 spoon sugar
– 2 spoon oil
– 1/2 spoon vinegar
– 1 spoon salt
– 250 ml hot milk
– 100 grams melted butter
– 20 g. Yeast

For the mixture that we will use to smear on top we will need:

– yolk and 2 spoons of milk
– and sesame to sprinkle on top

There are several steps needed to make great pogacha.

1.We dissolve the yeast with 100ml hot water and a spoon of sugar.
2.In a bowl we place some flour with one spoon of salt. In the middle we make an hole and we add the eggs the hot milk, the vinegar, some oil and the dissolved yeast. We mix all that together and we transfer the dough on the working table where we knead until we get elastic dough.
3.We place the dough in greased bowl and we cover it with clean cloth. We move it in hot place for about an hour.
4.Then we divide the dough on two parts, and those two pars we divide in four by which we get eight dough balls.
5.From each ball we create an crust with 3-5mm thickness which we will cover with melted butter. From two crusts placed together we make one roll. From four dough balls we need to get two rolls.
6.We cut the rolls into triangles and the ends will be put in the middle of the pogacha.
7.We grease the pan in which we will bake the pogacha, and we start placing the triangles around and the ends of the rolls in the middle.
8.Then we put some cloth on top and place aside to stay for about 30-40 minutes.
9.Before we start baking, we cover the pogacha with mixed yolk and milk and we sprinkle some sesame.
10.We bake the pogacha in preheated oven of 180C degrees for about 20-30 minutes then we lower on 160C degrees and bake until it gets good color.
11.We remove the baked pogacha from the oven and we sprinkle some oil on top and cover with cloth and let it stand for about 15 minutes.

And we have made this wonderful holiday pogacha

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