Lokum Turkish Delight

Homemade Lokum – Turkish Delight

Lokum is a dessert made of starch gel and sugar. It comes from the turkish word lokma and lokum, meaning morsel or mouthful or the alternative word rahat hulkum meaning comfort of the throat. It could come in many flavors, lemon, cinnamon, mint, orange, strawberry, rosewater and other.

Some types of lokum may contain some nuts, pistachios or walnuts, which will improve the taste.

It’s traditional Turkish sweet. In continental Europe in the 19th century there was custom among the upper class socialites to exchange turkish delight wrapped in silk handkerchief.

Lokum is widely made all around the world. In Greece, Romania, North America, Brazil, Britain and etc. In Greece it is known as loukoumi and it is served instead of biscuits. In Romania it is called rahat and is served along coffee or used as ingredient for different types of cakes.

As every food it’s of better taste and quality if it’s homemade. To make homemade lokum you need the following ingredients:

– 500 grams sugar
– 1 bottle of water
– 100 grams corn starch
– 1/4 lemon juice
– powder sugar
– almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, coconut what you like
– food color is optional


In a pot filled with water, about 200ml, add the sugar and cook it for 15 minutes. Until 1/3 of the water vapors and sherbet forms with good density. Use the rest of the water to mix with the corn starch in wider pot. Mix the corn starch and sherbet together. Mix very well.

For the next step you will need at least 1 hour. Place the pot on the stove on the lowest setting and continue cooking. Mix while cooking so the contents won’t stick on the the pot. After half hour the mixture will start to thicken, and it will resemble a pudding. After another half hour the mixture will start to stick on the spoon you are mixing with.

We continue the cooking process. After some time the mixture will start to look like a dough and the mixture will become more thick as more time passes. The point is to boil as much water as we can and to make the mixture as thick as we can. After a hour and so we should add the lemon juice. Add the rest ingredients which you prepared before. Almonds, hazelnuts. But the best choice which is usual in most of the lokum are walnuts. Mix everything together. Pour the contents of the pot on a foil in some container. After the container is full for about 1 or 2 cm leave the mixture to harden for a day. The next day take out and cut the harden mixture on cubes. Add some powdered sugar or coconut and that’s it you have made lokums.

Also you could add some food color to make it more nice looking or add some chocolate on top as an alternative to sugar and the coconut.

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