Chicken Quesadillas

This starter dish will take you miles and miles away to experience the authentic Mexican taste. The only way to discover the secret behind the famous Mexican cuisine is to sink your teeth into the crispy tortilla crust and dive into the cheesy layer of chicken. Chicken Quesadilla is the right choice of dish for a celebration with friends or a Continue reading Chicken Quesadillas

Rolled Stuffed Flank Steak

Roasted flank steak is always the best choice for a family dinner on a beautiful summer night. The butterflied steak is flavored with feta cheese, sweet red pepper, and seasoned by fresh Italian parsley, thyme, garlic and sea salt. It is grilled with extra-virgin olive oil to give it a golden brown shiny texture. This delicious recipe is better served with fresh Continue reading Rolled Stuffed Flank Steak


Sarma is a national meal from Bulgaria. There are different ways of preparing this meal depending on the ways or customs of the country.

Sarma is a meal based on grinded meat and rice wrapped up in cabbage or vine leaf. In Bulgaria they prepare sarma with raw cabbage while in Croatia they make sarma with sour cabbage. In Greece sarma is usually made with Continue reading Sarma

Creamy Salmon Pasta

Pasta, everybody loves pasta! If you’re looking for a dish that suits all palates and can be ready in about 30 minutes, your wish is my command.

This is a dish that your body will thank you for; as salmon is rich in proteins and omega-3 fats and low in calories. Pasta never says no to anything, in fact, it’s standing with its arms wide open ready to create a temptingly tasty combination with the salmon.

Time to prepare: 15 minutes
Time to cook: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy Continue reading Creamy Salmon Pasta

Stuffed Rabbit Saddle

Origin: Worldwide
Time: 50 min.
Servings: 4 Persons
Level: Advanced

Have a date tonight at your place and you want to prepare something delicious but creative?This plate of stuffed rabbit saddles is your perfect choice for the night.

Stuff the saddles with this super delicious mixture and feel the taste of the Continue reading Stuffed Rabbit Saddle