Top 7 Foods for All Day Energy

If you are struggling to keep yourself awake in the work day, you may not be consuming the right food. Don’t fret, it happens with everyone. You only need to choose the food which gives more energy and calories for you to keep going.
Below we have a delicious list of foods that can be consumed in the breakfast, lunch, and generally all over the day for getting the energy to get through the day Continue reading Top 7 Foods for All Day Energy

Spinach in Red

Healthy food is top priority in today’s society, because of the raise of the fast food usage there are higher health problems than before. There should be more home cooked healthy food in everyone diet. And when we say healthy food, there is nothing more healthy than vegetables and fruit.

Spinach is healthy vegetable. It’s full of vitamins and minerals such as Continue reading Spinach in Red

Banicka with Spinach

There are several tasty and healthy food from Macedonia and one which is favorite choice of many is the banicka. May the look of it does not deceive you, to some it looks like a galaxy.

But since the look of the food doesn’t matter, we should value it by it’s taste, and it tastes good. This food is cheap to buy from any place that is making them in Macedonia, costs about a few bucks depending on the size.

Banicka is a bread type food, made of several layers of dough filled with different kinds of fillings. The most popular are  Continue reading Banicka with Spinach