Homemade Lokum – Turkish Delight

Lokum is a dessert made of starch gel and sugar. It comes from the turkish word lokma and lokum, meaning morsel or mouthful or the alternative word rahat hulkum meaning comfort of the throat. It could come in many flavors, lemon, cinnamon, mint, orange, strawberry, rosewater and other.

Some types of lokum may contain some nuts, pistachios or Continue reading Homemade Lokum – Turkish Delight

Qatayef (Stuffed pancakes)

These crescent-shaped mini pancakes are a famous choice of dessert in the Middle Eastern regions during the month of Ramadan. Indulge your sweet tooth with this simple yet delicious combination of fried pancakes, nuts, raisins and sugar syrup. Qatayef can be prepared ahead and cooked within minutes making it an ideal choice for last minute visitors, plus you can use Continue reading Qatayef (Stuffed pancakes)

Shish Barak

This dish can be described as Lebanese version for Ravioli and it tastes divine. Shish Barak is a life-changing experience that begins the moment you take a spoonful of these round-shaped meat dumplings drowned in a delicious thick yoghurt sauce until it goes down your throat. In Eastern Mediterranean countries, it’s considered a traditional dish that people of all ages can’t help Continue reading Shish Barak

Banicka with Spinach

There are several tasty and healthy food from Macedonia and one which is favorite choice of many is the banicka. May the look of it does not deceive you, to some it looks like a galaxy.

But since the look of the food doesn’t matter, we should value it by it’s taste, and it tastes good. This food is cheap to buy from any place that is making them in Macedonia, costs about a few bucks depending on the size.

Banicka is a bread type food, made of several layers of dough filled with different kinds of fillings. The most popular are  Continue reading Banicka with Spinach

Alva / Halva with almonds

Alva is a dessert that is prepared in the eastern countries. It’s mostly prepared in arabic countries and in the Balkans. There are several types of alva and one of those is alva with almonds.

It comes from the arabic word halva that means sweet . Alva is a dessert from corn flour, honey and sugar. You can make it in all kinds of shapes and different tastes but the most common is Continue reading Alva / Halva with almonds